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Which Sailor Moon Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Sailor Moon and her gang of sailor-suited, celestial-themed fighters are the pretty protectors of the Earth, space, and beyond. They're a team of hard-hitting heroines who never back down from a fight, no matter which side of the galaxy (or time) it happens to be on. Aside from the planets that give these galactic guardians their powers, each eccentric astrological warrior is accompanied by their own set of stellar character traits. Like organizing superheroes by zodiac sign, matching up Sailor Moon characters with astrological signs helps reveal otherwise unexplainable qualities. Going beyond the symbolism of their extraterrestrial bodies, the zodiac exposes their personality quirks at the core of it all.

But which Sailor Moon character are you? Are you the seductive, secretive Sailor Pluto, who wields both time and the Water sign Scorpio? Or maybe you're the emotional crybaby Sailor Moon, who's both as sensitive and loving as her Moon sign, Cancer. Only the stars will tell!

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    At the forefront of the zodiac is blazing-hot Aries (March 20-April 19). Ariens are unstoppable forces of will, filled with endless passion and armed with the dedication it takes to reach their goals. Sailor Mars takes the competitive and bold energy of Aries and harnesses it for the forces of good. She's hot-headed and argumentative, especially with Sailor Moon, but she's also compassionate and wholeheartedly bound to her friendships with her fellow Sailor Scouts.

    When thrown into conflict, she's a natural fighter, proving she's well-suited for embodying the celestial sign of war.

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    Calm, resourceful, and often downright stubborn, Taurus (April 20-May 20) is an Earth sign with fixed attitudes. Once a Taurus sets their mind on something, they stand by their decisions until the very end. Luna is the lovely guardian cat of Sailor Moon. Luna needs to have a firm head on her shoulders, since watching over Sailor Moon is painfully similar to babysitting a bratty kid.

    Cats are not so different from the astrological Bull in terms of attitude. Even though Luna is mature and firm, she's also stubborn and vain.

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    On one hand, Gemini (May 21-June 20) is resourceful and charming. On the other, the Air sign is a two-faced, restless brat. While these attitudes might be conflicting, Geminis toe the line between lovable and annoying with ease. This sign rules over collaboration and communication, bringing the contrasting character traits together in perfect harmony.

    The complexity of Gemini perfectly describes Sailor Mini Moon. She's peppy, talkative, and certainly outspoken. As a child, she is easily adored, but this small lady is quick to judge others even though she herself is immature and easily distracted.

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    Let the waterworks begin! For Cancer (June 21-July 22), life is nothing but one emotional rollercoaster after another. As rulers of emotions, moods, and the Moon itself, Cancers are completely susceptible to being huge crybabies.

    As the pretty guardian of the Moon, Sailor Moon takes Cancer's moods and runs with them. Although a she's powerful warrior, she will scream and cry her way through a fight if she has to. She's sensitive and mentally fragile, but also a loving and nurturing companion. Her sensitivity also makes her incredibly intuitive. Combined with her moral compass, her gut feelings can typically tell her when something is about to go wrong.