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Which Sailor Moon Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Updated 15 May 2019 20.7k views12 items

Sailor Moon and her gang of sailor-suited, celestial-themed fighters are the pretty protectors of the Earth, space, and beyond. They're a team of hard-hitting heroines who never back down from a fight, no matter which side of the galaxy (or time) it happens to be on. Aside from the planets that give these galactic guardians their powers, each eccentric astrological warrior is accompanied by their own set of stellar character traits. Like organizing superheroes by zodiac sign, matching up Sailor Moon characters with astrological signs helps reveal otherwise unexplainable qualities. Going beyond the symbolism of their extraterrestrial bodies, the zodiac exposes their personality quirks at the core of it all.

But which Sailor Moon character are you? Are you the seductive, secretive Sailor Pluto, who wields both time and the Water sign Scorpio? Or maybe you're the emotional crybaby Sailor Moon, who's both as sensitive and loving as her Moon sign, Cancer. Only the stars will tell!

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