Anime Underground Sailor Moon Crystal Was A Worthy Reboot  

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The reboot also provided a better backstory for the sailor soldiers, as well as Prince Endymion’s royal court, who were taken out of the original version, completely! Not to mention they accurately portrayed the romantic relationship between Sailor Neptune and Uranus, who in the original English dub, were supposed be “cousins."

And one of the better changes, in my opinion, is closing the age gap between Usagi and Mamoru. In the original series he's in college and she's in middle school… THAT’S WEIRD!  In crystal, Usagi is still in middle school, but Mamoru is in high school. NOT AS WEIRD!

Truthfully, you can’t beat the original. At the time, it was a big deal having a show on tv with female crime fighters and it was a childhood staple for kids around the world. Sailor Moon Crystal gave us that nostalgic story we love, but with modern updates and a more faithful representation of the manga, so it was a successful reboot in my book.

But what do you think?