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22 Disney Princesses As Sailor Moon Characters

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If you're a fan of Disney cartoons, Sailor Moon, and amazing crossover art, then this list will certainly be perfect for you. Here you'll find a blend of the best Sailor Moon-meets-Disney fan art on the net, so you don't have to go digging for it yourself.

From the most well-known Disney princesses to Disney Channel original series characters, these artists bring an all-new flare to these characters, taking them out of their snuggly homes in the Disney realm and placing them smack-dab in the middle of an anime. Primarily, these are princesses who solve their own problems, all while serving looks for days. 

Find yourself a man who can do both.

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    Sailor Tiana

    This gorgeous Sailor Tiana by roots-love is a truly amazing digital piece of art.

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    Sailor Disney Scouts

    Twotigermoon's collection of Disney Princesses transformed into Sailor Moon characters totally rules. These are princesses who save themselves.

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    Sailor Mary Poppins

    Who would have thought that Mary Poppins would make such a beautiful Sailor Scout? Viviane-Sea must have know when they started making this lovely digital painting.

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    Sailor Esmeralda

    Pretty Soldier Esmeralda by BelleRohaise is ready to save Notre Dame and the rest of the galazy.

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