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13 Sailor Moon Moments Deemed "Too Much" For American Kids

Updated September 10, 2019 260.6k views13 items

When Sailor Moon made its way overseas, the anime series experienced some pretty extreme censorship. Apparently, just about everything in the series was too intense for American audiences, including the entirety of the 5th season. With Sailor Moon censored so heavily, fans really had to do some digging to find out even the basic story behind the anime. There are moments, and even full episodes and arcs, from the original Japanese Sailor Moon series that were considered to be just too much for America. This serious Sailor Moon censorship will make you wonder about the other anime censored in the US.

Blood, boob lines, references to death, and every LGBT relationship was heavily censored and edited out of the original American TV run edited by DiC, and Viz later swooped in to re-dub the series and bring fans a truer, more faithful version of Sailor Moon. But that doesn't mean the original chopping and screwing hadn't already been done, so prepare yourself for some cringe-inducing edits of the Sailor Moon moments that America seemingly just couldn't handle.

  • No One Dies, They're Just Stuck In The Negaverse

    No One Dies, They're Just Stuck In The Negaverse
    Photo: Viz Media

    During the final fight with Queen Beryl, all references to the death of the Sailor Scouts were completely removed. Instead, the villains say that they've been captured and are being held in the "Negaverse." In the Japanese version, of course, they were just straight-up murdered. 

    They did end up coming back to life in the end, however, when Sailor Moon kills Queen Beryl. At least, that was the case in the original series. In the English dub, Sailor Moon only seals her in the Negaverse.

  • Panty (And Leotard) Shots

    Panty (And Leotard) Shots
    Photo: Viz Media

    All the possible-panty shots that occurred during the anime series were totally removed. Now, to be fair, they weren't all just fan service. Those constant runs, jumps, flips, and Moon Prism Powers are bound to cause some skirt-hikes here and there, and the original anime had no problem including them.

    However, when Sailor Moon made its way to America, all those sudden leotard flashes had to go, even though they were part of the Pretty Soldier uniforms.

  • Sailor Moon Getting Wasted

    Sailor Moon Getting Wasted
    Video: YouTube

    Because Sailor Moon was adapted for young children, alcohol references were censored. So, instead of drinking too much spiked punch, the English dub decided Usagi was just super wasted and babbling nonsense because she had food poisoning, not because she was drunk.

    She has her first kiss with Tuxedo Mask while she's tipsy, which got changed to a dream in the dubbed version, even though it totally happened. If only every hangover could be edited out. Viz eventually patched all this up in their dub.

  • Sailor Mars And Her Abuse Of Sailor Moon

    Sailor Mars And Her Abuse Of Sailor Moon
    Video: YouTube

    Sailor Mars likes to slap Sailor Moon. A lot. Even it was played for laughs, mostly out of frustration with Usagi, it was deemed as far too violent for American audiences, and all of it was removed. This was probably done to make their relation seem a bit less "physically abusive," and more "bitter and catty."