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12 Things Only Male Sailor Moon Fans Will Understand

Updated June 14, 2019 36.8k views12 items

In the name of the Moon and her guardian planets, Sailor Moon will punish you, especially if you're a guy who gets that the Sailor Senshi compose one of the most badass groups in anime. There's a unique shared pain for male fans of Naoko Takeuchi's legendary manga and subsequent anime, but one they bear in the name of Neo-Queen Serenity. If you're a Sailor Moon fan with a Y-chromosome, you'll understand these experiences, finding many of them more familiar than Mako-chan fawning over the next guy she sees coming around the corner.

Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, and never running from a real fight, she is the one named Sailor Moon, and she's an icon of anime. For love and justice, Tsukino Usagi fights evil as the pretty guardian in a sailor suit, Sailor Moon, winning the adoration of anime fans, especially female ones worldwide, and truly defining the mahou shoujo, or “magical girl” genre.

Guys who like Sailor Moon are used to the assumptions that come with the territory, and they're sure to recognize the feelings, habits, and reactions on this list.

  • Secretly Practicing a Transformation or Attack in the Privacy of Your Home

    Photo: Evan MacIsaac / Sailor Amazing

    Whether you're wearing their clothes or not, every Sailor Moon fan has tried a little Moon Tiara Action by throwing whatever's convenient at something else. Using your earbuds as the Venus Love-Me Chain, trying to start the World Shaking with Uranus's special move, or just trying to transform with waifu's pen, we've all tried it.

    The difference for guys is that being caught is pretty much social death, so we just take one more cruise around the homestead to make sure all the doors are locked good and tight. Nothing like apartment maintenance coming in because you didn't answer the door because you were in the middle of re-enacting Sailor Pluto's Dead Scream.
  • That Look You Get from Other Male Anime Fans

    Photo: Toei Animation

    Everybody's seen it come up in anime discussions. Like when a guy reveals he's hooked on Dancing With the Stars or knows how to knit, folks respond with a look that says one of several things:
    1.) Oh thank god, I've found another one.
    2.) Did you actually just say Sailor Moon?
    3.) Sailor Moon? Do you even otaku, bruh?
    Why shouldn't someone like Sailor Moon? The senshi are badass and Mars can roast you with a flick of her wrist. Don't discredit anyone because they like Sailor Moon; their Crunchyroll queue also includes Assassination Classroom, No Game No Life, and Danganronpa: The Animation. Just because they're not fanboying over Dragon Ball Z or the 830 seasons of Naruto doesn't mean they won't punish you in the name of the Moon.

  • The Automatic Assumption That You're a Pervert

    Photo: Toei Animation

    And no, “punish in the name of the Moon” is not some kinky Fifty Shades of Anime S&M thing. No, not even when the Sailor StarLights show up, despite their leather hot pants. There's another look that fans are accustomed to when they mention their fandom, a look that deserves its own special portion of “ugh.”

    4.) Oh, Sailor Moon, huh? Yeah, it's hot when you see their titties when they transform.

    Yup. Translucent titties. So hot bro. Thanks, but guys watch Sailor Moon because it's fun, I like the storyline, and sure, the transformations are cool, but in case you're unaware, there's something known as “the Internet,” where a veritable cornucopia of actual porn exists. Now wipe up the socially-awkard drool, “bro,” and remember that just because someone likes an animated series featuring superpowered women in schoolgirl outfits doesn't mean that's why they like it.
  • Having Your Sexuality Questioned

    Photo: Toei Animation

    So, you're a dude. And you watch Sailor Moon. But you watch it because it's actually good and pretty fun and not for sailor-skirted cartoon women. You must be gay, said every male anime fan that doesn't get it.

    Whether you are actually gay or not, you've heard this at least once. You watch a show about girls who get their power from lockets and brooches and pens who wear different-colored sailor fuku and fight for “love and justice.”

    And yet, remember that one straight guy on the cheerleading squad in high school? PSome people may have questioned his sexuality when, in fact, that dude was a straight-up pimp!

    Or, he did it because he enjoyed cheering because, you know, different people like different things. Mind blown? You're welcome, narrow-minded thinkers.