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Memes To Express Why Saints Fans Are The Worst

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The whole world was watching the NFC Championship Game on January 20, 2019, when the refs failed to make one of the most obvious pass interference calls in the history of the NFL. The call would have almost certainly led to a New Orleans Saints win over the LA Rams, and a lot of pain for Saints haters around the country. However, the Saints will not go to the Super Bowl in 2019 and anti Saints memes reached a fever pitch the following Monday morning.

Not all of these New Orleans Saints memes are a product of that poorly officiated game. Heck, fans of the other three NFC South teams (Atlanta, Carolina, and Tampa Bay) have been mocking Saints fans for years. Before Drew Brees led Who Dat nation to a Super Bowl win in 2010, the New Orleans fanbase was known to be so embarrassed by their consistently inferior squad that they would wear paper bags over their heads during home games.

Under a franchise quarterback and a smart head coach, the Saints have consistently proved to be a winning team on the field. Now, some call newbie Saints fans “bandwagon” fans, while other haters just want to stop being reminded of the team’s lone Super Bowl win. Here are 15 hilarious anti Saints fan memes. Vote up your favorite.

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    Saints Fans May Never Get Over Bird Box Call

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    Fake Gold Is Fine

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    The Pain May Never Go Away

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    Not The Most Knowledgable Fan Base

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