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30 Funny Memes About Sakura Being Useless in Naruto

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Naruto is an anime series adored by many fans around the world. Not only has it solidified itself as one of the most popular shonen series, it's also a show that has lovingly been a part of many people's childhoods. But like all great series, it has its flaws. It seems the one thing that the fandom is collectively critical about is Sakura's character and her purpose on the show. In other words, she can seem pretty useless sometimes. And of course, these grievances are best expressed in the form of hilarious memes. This list will introduce you to some of her best memes on the Internet, ranked by your votes.

Whether you like her character or not, these Sakura memes are meant to be light-hearted and provide you with some comic relief. Vote up the ones that you think are the funniest!

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    The Good Ol' Days

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    The Irony

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    Sakura, I Choose You!

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    Read The Fine Print

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