makeup This Salon Is Going Viral For Its Unique, Vibrant Hair-Coloring Technique  

Mick Jacobs

A successful hair salon strives to make its clients look good and distinctive, and one Denver-based salon has found a colorful way to stand out from their competitors. The video below showcases the salon's specialty: vibrant, rainbow-colored hairstyles.

Rather than simply dye your hair one color, Taylor Rae Hair salon can and will give you the entire freaking color wheel if you want them to. At Taylor Rae, stylists achieve these accented hair dyes using a special technique where multiple dyes are dripped onto the hair.

What looks like a messy and imprecise method actually works wonders, creating multicolored hairstyles that would blow Ramona Flowers's single-hued 'dos out of the water.

For your next big hairstyle risk that doesn't involve bangs, perhaps take a trip over to Taylor Rae Hair in Denver to see if a bit of color might be what you're looking for. Watch the video of their hair-dyeing process below.