WATCH Women Use Chairs To Defend Themselves In Heartstopping Nail Salon Brawl  

Samantha Dillinger

Salon workers may employ soft hands for their delicate work, but never assume those same hands can't fight back. In the video below, one criminal finds this out the hard way: with a chair to the backside.

At an LA salon, suspect Gustavo Arando reportedly entered the premises and began attacking two of the employees. Arando savagely slugs the women without abandon, but underestimates their tenacity.

As Arando beats one of the women to the floor, another comes at him with a salon chair, driving him back from his victim. And once his initial victim gets her hands on a chair of her own, it's over for Arando.

In the end, the women subdue the man while workers from neighboring stores arrive to help the salon workers out. Watch the video of these brave women below, but understand the contents of the video get quite violent.