The Best Sam Shepard Movies

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Over 200 movie fans have cast their votes to shape this list of the best Sam Shepard movies. The late Sam Shepard was one of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors and playwrights, having earned awards such as an Oscar nomination and a Pulitzer Prize. His work in films spanned four decades, from his breakout performance in Terrence Malick's Days Of Heaven (1978) to his final role in Never Here (2017).

Many of these acclaimed performances came courtesy of iconic filmmakers like Robert Altman, who directed him in Fool For Love (1985). Few actors can boast working with both Ridley Scott on Black Hawk Down (2001) and Philip Kaufman on The Right Stuff (2016). Fans often cite his captivating presence on screen that made it impossible not to root for Shepard's characters no matter how flawed they were.

The sheer variety of roles he took on throughout his career is remarkable. Join us as we look back at some of the greatest Sam Shepard movies ever made. Vote up your favorites or add any great titles missing from the list.

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