Makeup These Disturbing Makeup Looks By Samantha Staines Will Make You Cringe  

Eric Vega
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If you think makeup is all about looking glamorous, than you've never seen these astounding scary makeup looks by Samantha Staines. This amazingly talented special effects makeup artist specializes in looks that can kill. Her Instagram profile is an endless source of screams, but underneath all that face paint is a woman who isn't afraid to be scary. With careful application and some mind boggling optical illusions, Staines completely transforms herself into demons, monsters, and creatures from other worlds.

The Internet is full of makeup illusions who push the art form to the next level, but Staines goes the extra mile by providing instructions and YouTube tutorials for her most incredible looks. She's been doing to this for years, and each looks aims to top the one before it. Hopefully her weirdly beautiful and haunting work can help inspire people everywhere to stretch their imaginations and try things with makeup they never would have dreamed of.

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A Not So Itsy Bitsy Spider


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My, What Large Eyes You Have


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This Make Up Job Will Leave You In Tiers


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It's Like A Picasso Painting Brought To Life

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