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Movies That Basically Have The Same Plot

31 Aug 2020 214 votes 53 voters 2.0k views15 items

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Have you ever watched a film only to get struck by a sense of deja vu part way through, as though you'd already watched a scene before? Writer Christopher Booker shared his theory in 2004 that there are only seven basic plots in all of storytelling, so it would make sense that there would occasionally be different movies with the same plot. Writers are working from the same building blocks.

Some movies take it a bit farther, though - beyond remakes and reboots or specific genres like the slasher flicks of the '80s that all adhere to the same template. We're talking about movies that look different from a poster or trailer, but once you see them in motion, they manage to hit the same story beats at the same time in eerily similar ways. The following examples all spotlight an instance where a more recent movie feels undeniably similar to an older one. This list will break down the basic plot that both pictures follow, dive into the similarities, and, finally, point out a few key differences.

This phenomenon doesn't mean the newer pictures committed plagiarism or are bad. Far from it. Most of them brought highly original elements to familiar material, and many of them are actually quite good. In a couple of cases, they're arguably better than the ones they feel similar to. They just happen to exude that unmistakable "same plot different movie" vibe.

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