Unspeakable Times

Details About The Life And Crimes Of The San Francisco Witch Killers

Before Michael and Suzan "Bear" Carson became the San Francisco Witch Killers they were just two unstable divorcées partying it up in the '70s' psychedelic drug culture. When they met, they were Susan Barnes, an unhappy mother of two teenaged sons, and James Carson a busboy/pot dealer with a master’s degree in Chinese studies and father to one daughter. Due to who-knows-how-many drugs, an unwavering commitment to their ideology, and probably some voices in their heads, the San Francisco killers decided to rid the world of witches. The young killer couple's resemblance to the rest of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood allowed them to easily vanish into the flower child crowd.

The twisted saga of these killers saw them change names and jobs, but their allegiance to each other never waned as they traveled throughout the US and Europe spreading their macabre bastardization of Islam. Rife with contradictions, their quest to destroy witches ironically sent them down some pretty witchcraft-y paths, like getting married at Stonehenge or claiming that thunderclaps told them to kill someone. While eventually convicted of three murders, Michael and Suzan Carson likely committed more killings during their travels. Both remain incarcerated and still voice no remorse for their crimes.