Rumors Of The 'Hicks Road Colony' Have Kept Drivers Away From The Area For Years

California has its fair share of myths and lore, and one of the most well-known San Jose urban legends involves stories of people being attacked on Hicks Road. In these Hicks Road horror stories, there is allegedly a colony of strange and vicious individuals who lurk in the darkness, going after anyone who tries to get too close. Rumors about the colony at Hicks Road have persisted for decades upon decades, but is there any validity to these stories?

When considering if there are any real facts about the "Hicks Road Albinism Colony," it's important to keep in mind that people with albinism aren't somehow inherently evil. Even suggesting this is rather absurd and offensive. Rather, these tales speak of cannibalism and satanic cults, but these aren't the traits of people with albinism by any means. 

That said, this is a myth from San Jose that just won't end. It helps that there are a ton of witnesses willing to speak about their experiences on Hicks Road, a place teens still dare to venture to in the middle of the night. Read on to determine if you'd be quite so brave.

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  • The Colony's Origins May Stem From Other Creepy Local Lore

    There are several theories about how this supposed vicious clan came to live near Hicks Road. The legend has been around since the '70s, or possibly earlier, and has persisted well into the modern age. However, the urban legend's origins are up for debate. One thing the stories all have in common, though, is that the people live as part of an organized colony. 

    One suggestion for where this rumored colony could have come from is that it's related to a Swedish community based at the entrance of Uvas Canyon Park. This group of people don't have albinism, but they can be very fair-skinned. Others say it began with the United Technologies Corporation located on nearby Metcalf Road. This is a scientific research facility where technology is tested. This is the sort of facility that would incite rumors of genetic mutations. Some say a religious community - cult-like and possibly satanic - called The Holy City in the nearby Santa Cruz mountains is where the rumors started.

    Whatever the origin, the legend has long been passed around in schoolyards and classrooms around the area.

  • Legend Has It They Chase Anyone Who Ventures Onto Hicks Road At Night

    Supposedly, the clan isn't too friendly to outsiders. Legend has it they will chase visitors out. In some accounts, they use cars and trucks to chase down vehicles and run people off the road. Other times, they will give chase on foot.

    In one account, a visitor to Hicks Road recalls what happened when a friend came across a dead deer on the road: 

    Without warning, Dan's car collided with something, a large dark figure is what blurred before Dan's eyes as he slammed on the brakes. When the car came to a rest the headlights revealed a large buck sprawled across the street, clearly not moving. As all of the occupants of the car realized what had happened, another dark figure appeared from the roadside. Except this figure split into three separate entities. Moving quickly into the road, the headlights now showed 3 humans with pasty white skin and blood[-shot] eyes. Working with haste, the three [people with albinism] dragged the bloodied buck down the hillside and out of sight.

  • Supposedly, They Attack With Weapons

    Although the creepy factor for this legend more has to do with strange, pale figures chasing people in the dark, another spooky aspect is that these mysterious people are apparently also quite aggressive. The stories say that those who have encountered the people with albinism have seen them sporting improvised weapons - even guns in some cases. There are no accounts of them actively taking a life, but they do seem to use these items to threaten people off of their turf.

    In yet another personal account, one individual recalls an encounter with one such armed figure:

    We pulled off into the first turn off and the truck slammed on its breaks behind us, high beams still shining bright and the driver opened his door and exited carrying a large object which in our retellings of the story has been everything from a shotgun to a fishing pole. The screams from our vehicle could be heard from Quicksilver park to Old Almaden and we hit the gas and raced off of Hicks as quickly as possible.

  • The Colony Might Actually Be A Satanic Cult

    One version of the Hicks Road legend states the individuals afflicted with a genetic disorder but they are also linked to the devil. There are rumors that the colony on Hicks Road is part of a secluded cult that worships Satan. Their attacks on people at night may actually be how they gather human sacrifices, or possibly just how they keep people away from their evil practices.

    The Satanic cult rumor goes one step further, claiming visitors to the road can call upon the cult for revenge on enemies. According to the tales, a bridge near Hicks Road has been cursed by the cult. Those who write a person's name on the bridge will be granted the demise of that person. A difficult thing to prove, of course, but an even darker reason to trek down Hicks Road.

  • Stories Tell Of The Colony's Cannibalistic Tendencies

    Possibly the most frightening aspect reported about this evasive colony is that they are supposed cannibals. Stories depict them carrying off deer, trying to bite into humans, and even going after family pets. In particular, one story claims a colony member carried off a poodle in the night. Bones of dogs have been found in the area, further fueling the rumor.

    If the rumors that the colony has satanic ties is true, this may also account for their craving for flesh. 

  • Even If You Don't See Them, You May Hear Them Screaming

    Adding to an already terrifying prospect, not only might any visitor to Hicks Road come upon the vicious mob, they are apt to hear them as well. As though glowing red eyes and weapons weren't intimidating enough, the individuals on Hicks Road are known to scream out in terrifying, unearthly tones. The shrieking echoes in the darkness, resulting in those who claim to have heard, if not seen, the horde. The prospect of hearing screams in the area is enough to keep many from daring a visit.

    Though, of course, the sounds could just be barn owls or coyotes, but who can say for sure?