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Sandra Bullock's Loves & Hookups

Updated 29 May 2019 186.9k views10 items

Sandra Bullock's past and present relationships. Flames, flings, boyfriends, exes and husbands of Sandra Bullock. With bad boys like Jesse James on the list, it's hard to believe that none of the men Bullock's been attached to are on the list of celebrity "tapes"... yet. Not that someone with Sandra's good girl image would ever end up in such a tape, but some of the other men on the list seem primed to make a appearance.

Since 2015, Sandra Bullock's boyfriend has been photographer Bryan Randall. Other men from Sandra Bullock's dating history include Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Gosling, and Jesse James (who she was married to for 4 years). 

Who has Sandra Bullock been romantically involved with? This list of her ex-boyfriends and former husbands will provide that answer. All of her confirmed past encounters and random exes are also on this list.

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