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Sandwiches Named After Famous People

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The best part about being famous has to be having a sandwich named after you. Sure, there’s the money and the adulation, but what you really want are the sandwiches. The real sign of a person “making it” and starring as a bonafide celeb — whether it's as a star in movies, sports, or entertainment — is when a restaurant reaches down from on high and knights him or her with its very own invention of meat and bread (or for our vegan friends, bread and sprouts). It doesn’t get much better than having an eponymous sandwich. Grab the napkins, and check out this celeb-inspired menu of sandwiches (and yes, we're including burgers and hot dogs!).

We’ve torn apart menus from across the U.S. and found mouth-watering descriptions for you to fantasize about. Which celebrity concoction sounds the best? Vote up the tastiest meal here.

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    Donnie's Choice

    Since Wahlburgers is owned by celeb family the Wahlbergs, it's obvious they would name a burger after one of the famous brothers. "Donnie's Choice," in honor of the CBS' Blue Bloods actor, is a BBQ bacon burger, smothered with white cheddar, fresh jalapeños, and avocado spread. Pair it with the addictive tater tots.

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    The Leonardo DiCaprio

    Of course, there's a Leo at Lioni Italian Heroes in Brooklyn. The LDC is full of fried eggplant, roast beef, Lioni fresh mozzarella, white American cheese, bruschetta, sun-dried tomatoes, stuffed peppers, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. 

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    The Matt Cain

    Named after the San Francisco Giants' pitcher known as "The Horse," Ike's Love & Sandwiches serves up the Matt Cain, a solid roast beef, turkey, salami sandwich topped with provolone.

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    The Andrew Cuomo

    If veggie is more your style, Massachusett's-based Mr. Bartley's created an Andrew Cuomo burger, named after the New York governor, with a black bean or veggie patty, Swiss cheese, and grilled sauerkraut.