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Sansa Backstory, Theories, and Predictions About the Future  

Lisa Waugh
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The North Remembers that there are SPOILERS in this list!  

Oh Sansa Stark, you are ready to kill some people. And it’s about time. Sansa's reunion with her brother Jon might just mean that Winterfell will once again be the seat of House Stark and she might end up being the new Warden of the North. Unless one of these dark Sansa Stark predictions comes true.  

What if Sansa is carrying Ramsay’s baby? Besides making everyone scream-vomit, that might not be such a bad thing. She could use this news to get Winterfell back, or to get Rickon away from Ramsay, at the very least. Or what if Sansa sacrifices herself in the name of Winterfell, knowing she’s carrying this monster’s child? If you thought this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention, right?  

Sansa Stark fan theories seem to be focused on a more positive outcome for now. We really want to see the Starks back at Winterfell. We need Ramsay to be flayed alive. And we need Sansa to do it. 

As Sansa and Jon plot to get their home back, we’re anxious to get them refocused on the White Walker army that is going to breach the Wall. Why? Because the Night’s King marked their brother Bran and his passing through the Wall is going to undo the wards/magic that Bran the Builder and the Children of the Forest built into it. Possibly. We’re just guessing, like everyone else. 

Something interesting popped out of the Sansa Stark backstory: Remember that time she inadvertently tipped off her dad about who Joffrey’s parents really were? She didn’t know herself, but her description of Joffrey as a lion set off a chain reaction in Ned’s brain that eventually led to his own death and the downfall of the Starks. Thanks, Sansa.  

She’s come a long way from embroidering with Septa Mordane. Now she’s making war cloaks for her brother and armor for herself. Will Sansa get to go to battle? Will she live to retake the North? We’re rooting for you, Sansa.  

Let’s look at some Sansa Stark theories and predictions. 
She Inadvertently Tipped Off Her Father About Jaime and Cersei
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Way back, Sansa throws a fit about being sent back to Winterfell and her betrothal broken when she yells that Joffrey is nothing like Robert. He’s not a “stag,” but a golden “lion.” Ned is struck by this. She’s right. He doesn’t look like Robert at all. 
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Sansa Will Become the Wardeness of the North
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If Rickon is killed or doesn’t want the title, Bran is a tree on the Isle of Faces or the Neck or the godswood in the backyard, and Jon is off somewhere being Azor Ahai or fighting White Walkers with Dany, someone’s got to rule the North. 
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Will She Get a Chance to Go Medieval on Ramsay?
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She’ll either get to do it herself or she’ll be in the front row with her popcorn, but if there is any justice in the world, Sansa will get to rid the realm of this murder machine. 
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Sansa Is Symbolically Lady Stoneheart
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Beric Dondarrion is very much alive and it’s been a while since Catelyn Stark was killed at the Red Wedding. It’s looking less likely that we’ll see Lady Stoneheart. Possibly, Sansa has taken on that role in a less obvious way. She’s becoming a strategist who holds her secrets close. And she’s hell bent of getting what she wants, mostly revenge for House Stark.   
Sansa has transformed. The boy-crazy girl is all dead cold looks and half smiles now. 
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