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12 Struggles Every Sarcastic Person Understands

For habitually cynical folks, sarcasm is more than a sassy comment here and there - it's a full-blown language. Call it saucy, arrogant, or even bitter, the main goal of sarcasm is laughter, and it's usually at the expense of the listener (a.k.a. your parents). Sarcastic people have a bad reputation, but it's only because they're highly misunderstood.

Not everyone can speak sarcasm fluently as if it's their first language, but for those of you who can, these struggles will hit close to home. Here are the trials and tribulations that every sarcastic individual must deal with if they simply can’t figure out how to interact with people in a serious manner.
  • 1

    Your suffer from a severe case of RBF.

    RBF (resting b*tch face) is a real humdinger, especially because you can't control it. People judge others primarily based on their looks, like the cover of a book, and due to your RBF, you come across as unapproachable and standoffish. Who knows how many potential friends and lovers you could have if you could only control that damn RBF.
  • 2

    You ruin sentimental, loving moments on purpose.

    Silence is the kiss of death for sarcastic lovers. Sure, saying "I love you" is sweet and all, but there's no need to let all that sentimentality linger in the air. Sarcastic couples would rather fill the air with burps and farts. Anyone who says bathroom jokes are not funny is a liar.
  • 3

    You have a tight group of friends and have no interest in meeting other people.

    This is why small talk is so draining for you: it’s so obviously dull that you'd rather not deal with it at all. Making new friends is hard work; it doesn't come from sitting in your room playing Star Wars: Battlefront all day. You need to put yourself out there and let your guard down - or else you'll wind up like the Grinch.
  • 4

    When you try and insult people you don't like, they think you're kidding.

    There's nothing worse than insulting someone who thinks you're kidding. You could threaten to burn their house down or skin their cat and they still won't take you seriously. Sarcasm will get you far in life until you need to blackmail someone. Then, and only then, will you need to master the art of being sincere.
  • 5

    You have a bittersweet relationship with the comment section on your social media.

    Try as you might to be cautious, your sarcastic remarks on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter never work out as you intended. Somehow, some way, you end up looking like a cyber bully - and it's even worse when you've had a few drinks. Alcohol gives you the false hope that your sarcastic jokes will slay, but when you wake up in the morning, all your comments have been downvoted by strangers on Reddit.
  • 6

    Outsiders think your friends are actually your enemies.

    It’s impossible for outsiders to believe that people who enjoy one another would be so condescending and flat-out mean to each other so consistently, but deep down, you know that sarcasm has its own unique way of conveying affection.
  • 7

    Interacting with sweet, innocent people is difficult for you.

    This is how you get the reputation of a jerk: you speak before you think, and you wind up hurting someone's feelings. Sarcastic beings are gutsy and witty thinkers who would rather get a word in than spare someone's thin skin. Here's a piece of advice: keep your sarcastic comments at an all-time minimum around newcomers who might easily mistake clever banter for rudeness.
  • 8

    Interacting with people in a professional environment is also tough.

    You’re so used to openly speaking sarcastically that you’ve got to train yourself to refrain from doing so in the workplace. In the world of sarcasm, everyone is your friend - or punching bag. But in the real world, it takes a conscious effort to be somewhat serious around people, especially those who deserve respect, like your boss. Now would be the time to purchase a sarcasm detector before you end up getting fired.
  • 9

    Seeing families who say mushy-gushy things to each other makes you cringe.

    If there's one thing siblings are good for, it's dishing back catty insults. For example, sisters are notorious for hating on each other's boyfriends and outfit choices, even though it's all in good fun. Boys, on the other hand, jokingly make fun of each other's athletic abilities. Families who sing "Kumbaya" around the dinner table frankly make you sick. Meanwhile, your family has to love you no matter what, so go all out with the sassiness.
  • 10

    You feel awkward receiving compliments.

    There are many ways to receive a compliment. You could say, "I know, right" and come across as a self-absorbed b*tch, or you could just say "thank you" and let the moment pass naturally. Knowing you, you audacious little son of a gun, you'll probably use a back-handed compliment as a defense mechanism.
  • 11

    You don’t always make great first impressions.

    It’s not uncommon for people to assume you’re mean and pompous based on early interactions, but joking around is simply your way of connecting. Sarcastic people are social creatures who thrive in a group dynamic, so the last thing they want is to scare you away. Meeting a sarcastic individual can be scary, especially because they look just like any other human being. Sarcastic folks should really wear a "Proceed with Caution" sign around their necks.
  • 12

    When you compliment someone, they think you’re joking.

    It’s like the boy who cried wolf. You’re the person who has made so many jokey remarks in your time that it's now impossible for anyone to take you seriously.