Which One Of Satan's Henchmen Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The zodiac can tell us secrets about ourselves that are either hidden from our minds or that we ignore completely. From astrology, we can discern our secret desires, the patterns we can’t escape, and even where we’d end up in the hierarchy of Hell. Whether you’re a follower of Satan or a strict devotee of the Good Book, it’s important to know where you stand in the underworld. 

A seemingly infinite number of creatures and demons serve at the feet of Satan. Some of them, like Beelzebub and Lilith, are widely known, but the rest might be unfamiliar if you haven’t opened your copy of the Necronomicon recently. Find out where you’d stack up in Hell by cross-referencing your zodiac sign. 

  • Aries (March 21 - April 19): Dagon

    No demon better represents the cantankerous Aries than Dagon, the terrible god who lies beneath the waters of the Earth. Along with their turbulent nature, Ariens are known for their passion and their habit of rushing into situations without totally thinking them through. 

    Dagon was worshipped as the god of fertility, and he instructed his followers to multiply. Ariens are born with an impulsive streak, which fits their parallels to the fertility god of the sea.

  • Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Abaddon

    Taurus is an Earth sign, grounded and raw in the ways they deal with life. One of the hardest-working signs in the zodiac, Taurus can be incredibly judgmental when they encounter people who don’t live up to their expectations. Similarly, the demon Abaddon is known as "the Destroyer" and is thought to bring on the apocalypse.

    A Taurus sticks with their opinions, and once they make up their minds, they’re not going to change. Abbadon reflects this Taurus energy

  • Gemini (May 21 - June 20): Loki

    Loki is one of the most well-known demonic presences in all of mythology. While he’s not a Judeo-Christian demon, he’s definitely a devil of sorts. Like Geminis, Loki is moody and quick-witted, and he's always down for a good time. 

    Geminis are naturally curious, they get restless easy, and they can change their mood at the drop of a hat. Notably, Loki is a trickster who is willing to spread chaos, something that comes naturally to the gossipy Gemini.

  • Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Bast

    Cancers are highly intuitive and empathetic, which makes Bast the perfect demonic henchman to represent them. Bast is a maternal goddess who’s often depicted as a cat - a creature that exhibits the intuitive nature of Cancer. 

    Like this demonic, cat-headed deity, Cancers can be difficult to befriend. Not only are they deeply sensitive, but they can easily grow attached to people, and they’ll do whatever it takes to make their friends and loved ones happy. However, like the unknowable Bast, they rarely open up about themselves.

  • Leo (July 23 -August 22): Demogorgon

    Leos are natural drama queens who love to put on a show. Demogorgons are intense primordial beings whose name is considered an unspeakable word.

    These creatures are incredibly powerful, and thanks to recent appearances in everything from Dungeons & Dragons to Stranger Things, they’ve become immensely popular. 

    This kind of attention suits a Leo just fine - they see themselves as the center of the universe. That’s not necessarily a bad thing - it’s just how a Leo thinks.

  • Virgo (August 23 - September 22): Lilith

    Virgos often feel as though they’ve received the short end of the cosmic stick, which is what makes Lilith their perfect demonic pairing. Considered too independent for Adam during his time in the Garden of Eden, Lilith - the first woman - was kicked out of paradise and transformed into a winged demon who preyed on children and pregnant women. 

    As the problem-solvers of the zodiac, Virgos would be fascinated by Lilith's unconventional method of propagating her spawn. She is said to visit men who are alone at night and sleep with them in order to birth new hellish abominations.