Satan Has A Twitter Account, And Turns Out He's Pretty Funny

You thought Satan only practiced his evil doings in the dead of night? You thought he didn't have a sense of humor? Well, think again. Satan has risen from the fiery pits and clearly loves WiFi just as much as the next guy. In fact, the old red devil has been posting on Twitter with as much vigor as the online trolls that make fun of celebs on Jimmy Kimmel. Yes, Satan's still evil, he's still the absolute worst, but his tweets are absolutely hilarious. He's got to have a sense of humor in his line of work, so it kind of makes sense.

You may not think anything about the antichrist is funny, and sin is certainly no laughing matter but the account holder who posts with Twitter handle s8n should get some sort of recognition for his ironic and socially relevant online jokes. They'll have you rolling and perhaps questioning your own morality.

Many of Satan's morally-bereft tweets have been collected below.

  • He's Ready For The Christmas Season


  • The Devil Had Toxic Friends, Too


  • He Won't Be Sugarcoating Anything


  • Satan Doesn't Really Understand The Hype


  • Not Even Satan Can Stomach Charles Manson


  • Some People Don't Need The Devil To Be A Jerk