Graveyard Shift People Who’ve Undergone Extreme Body Modification To Look Like Demons Or Even Satan Himself  

Trilby Beresford
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Body modification has slowly shifted from "out there" to cultural norm. There are plenty of people who walk around with rings in their face and even the odd forehead tattoo, and nobody bats an eye. But then there are those who have undergone extreme body modification to look like Satan or some kind of devilish creature. We're talking about forehead thorns, forked tongues, tattooed eyeballs, stretched skin, and surgically implanting objects under the skin, among other demonic body modifications.

This practice has been around for centuries, but gained prominence with the advancement of medical technologies. In order to pull off an extreme body mod, people spend tens of thousands of dollars on bizarre surgical procedures that ensure they'll be stared at and photographed regularly for the rest of their lives.

The following people have opted to live their truest lives by physically transforming to look like Satan himself. 

Caim Mortis Spent 11 Years Transforming Into The Devil

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With a desire to be different, tattoo artist Caim Mortis set about transforming his face to resemble the devil. From black tattooed eyeballs to horn implants to numerous piercings, he has it all. His Catholic family in Colombia were confronted by the extreme change and ultimately couldn't handle it, so they rejected him. He now lives in Mexico and works as a DJ.

Maria Cristerna Is A Mesmerizing Vampire Lady

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Maria Cristerna grew up in a rough neighborhood in Guadalajara and was later abused by her husband. In order to escape her past, she made her transformation into Vampire Lady. Titanium horns were implanted into her head. She covered herself with tattoos and piercings and became unrecognizable from her former self. 98% of her body is covered in tattoos or piercings. And with all that, she maintains an angelic quality. One of a kind.

Kala Kaiwi Performed His Own Body Modifications

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The scariest thing about body modification artist Kala Kaiwi is not his stretched nose or record breaking stretched earlobes (according to The Telegraph, they took 16 years to stretch) or his tattooed face, it's the fact that he has a split tongue. And it's the fact that he split his own tongue with dental floss. This guy is something else.

Muffe Vulnuz Wants To Be A Human Demon Cyborg Machine

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Muffe Vulnuz works at Copenhagen Body Extremes. He's somewhat of an expert in the field of body modification, because in addition to his numerous tattoos, piercings, and implants, he has microchipped himelf in an effort to be more like a human machine.

Microchipping is something that many body modification enthusiasts are experimenting with, and it might even become part of our everyday future. That is, the future of people - those who practice leisurely body modification and those who don't. Imagine being able to unlock your house with the microchip "key" in your hand?! According to The Guardian, that technology is being tested.