Graveyard Shift

Inside The Cult That Practiced Ritual Sacrifice To Magically Protect Drug Cartels

Satanic cults that use human sacrifice seem like something from fantasy movie or perhaps a long-distant history. After all, it's hard to imagine anyone killing people thinking that a human sacrifice is or was ever made sense for anyone. But as recently as the late 1980s, a cult in Mexico, dubbed The Narcosatanists, created international panic around a human abduction and sacrifice, which led to the discovery of even darker, more unimaginable secrets. The leader of this particular cult was Adolfo Constanzo, a young man who practiced various dark arts, claimed he was psychic and was of the belief that his human sacrifices made his cult and himself stronger. Strong enough to be invisible from bullets, and to avoid any problems with police and government. For a while, Constanzo was able to avoid any run-ins with the police. Then the Satanic cult began working with Mexican cartels, providing psychic advice and selling drug products but eventually killing members of the cartel and taking over their business. 

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