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Inside The Cult That Practiced Ritual Sacrifice To Magically Protect Drug Cartels

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Satanic cults that use human sacrifice seem like something from fantasy movie or perhaps a long-distant history. After all, it's hard to imagine anyone killing people thinking that a human sacrifice is or was ever made sense for anyone. But as recently as the late 1980s, a cult in Mexico, dubbed The Narcosatanists, created international panic around a human abduction and sacrifice, which led to the discovery of even darker, more unimaginable secrets. The leader of this particular cult was Adolfo Constanzo, a young man who practiced various dark arts, claimed he was psychic and was of the belief that his human sacrifices made his cult and himself stronger. Strong enough to be invisible from bullets, and to avoid any problems with police and government. For a while, Constanzo was able to avoid any run-ins with the police. Then the Satanic cult began working with Mexican cartels, providing psychic advice and selling drug products but eventually killing members of the cartel and taking over their business. 

Continue reading to learn more about the cult led by the young Mexican godfather, Adolfo Constanzo. 

  • The Discovery Of The Cult Ranch And Kilroy's Brain Led To International Panic

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    When the police discovered the horrific "kill shack" filled with creepy tools of death, body parts, and blood, the news soon got out. Since the cult ranch wasn't many miles south of the US-Mexico border, and particularly since an American student had met such a tragically graphic end, the news of his death and the aftermath led to panic in the Rio Grande area. Seminars on the Occult and Voodoo were held, and a widespread investigation was launched to see whether the ties to the cult went further and deeper than this ranch and its psychic godfather. After removing all bodies and elements of evidence from the sight, federal police burned the ranch and set up a cross as a memorial.

  • Cult Leader Adolfo Constanzo Was Nicknamed "The Godfather" Even Though He Was Only 26

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    Adolfo de Jesús Constanzo was born in Miami in 1962 to Cuban parents. When he initially left Florida for Mexico City in 1983, it was supposedly for a modeling job, but he soon found a new calling - that of a cult leader. He started a business doing psychic work like Tarot card reading and fortune telling. With the success of that, which introduced him to influential people in Mexico, he became a high-ranking drug dealer and started to develop a cult following. The followers would recruit new members into Constanzo's cult regularly, and he even had police officers and federal agents on his team. There were at least 40 members who were accounted for after Constanzo's death, but no one is sure of the actual number.

    What is known is people were so convinced of Constanzo's powers and his ability to keep them from getting into any kind of legal trouble, many of his cult members who were arrested later were actually honest with the authorities, telling them all about Constanzo's ritual murders and even admitting to their own involvement. The cult members were confident that their leader, mighty "El Padrino" ("the godfather"), would use his magic powers to keep them all safe.

  • Sara Aldrete Villareal Was One Of His Most Loyal Followers

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    Sara Aldrete Villareal was not only one of Constanzo’s many lovers, but she was also one of his more faithful followers. Many who knew Aldrete before her association with Constanzo were shocked to learn about her crimes. In fact, some believe the 24-year-old was living two completely different lives. By day, Aldrete was an honor student at Texas Southmost College, where she studied physical education. Schoolmates described her as smart and helpful, always willing to lend a hand and would always say hello to everyone. While not in school, Aldrete, known as "La Madrina," or "the godmother" among the cult followers, kept busy trying to recruit new cult members, performing ritual sacrifices and, eventually, committing murder.

  • Constanzo Grew Up Practicing Black Magic

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    Adolfo Constanzo was born in Miami, Florida on November 1, 1962, to 15-year-old Cuban immigrant Delia Aurora Gonzalez del Valle. His father died from unknown causes when Constanzo was just an infant. At the age of six months, Constanzo's mother had him baptized by a Haitian priest who practiced Palo Mayombe, and shortly after, remarried and moved the family to Puerto Rico for several years. The family returned to Miami when the boy was 10.

    Constanzo's mother Aurora was a santeras, a practitioner of Santeria.  Constanzo took it a step further, involving Palo Mayombe into his studies and eventually formed his own style of practice which included parts of Santeria, Palo Mayombe, and even a little Voodoo.