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Inside The Cult That Practiced Ritual Sacrifice To Magically Protect Drug Cartels

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Satanic cults that use human sacrifice seem like something from fantasy movie or perhaps a long-distant history. After all, it's hard to imagine anyone killing people thinking that a human sacrifice is or was ever made sense for anyone. But as recently as the late 1980s, a cult in Mexico, dubbed The Narcosatanists, created international panic around a human abduction and sacrifice, which led to the discovery of even darker, more unimaginable secrets. The leader of this particular cult was Adolfo Constanzo, a young man who practiced various dark arts, claimed he was psychic and was of the belief that his human sacrifices made his cult and himself stronger. Strong enough to be invisible from bullets, and to avoid any problems with police and government. For a while, Constanzo was able to avoid any run-ins with the police. Then the Satanic cult began working with Mexican cartels, providing psychic advice and selling drug products but eventually killing members of the cartel and taking over their business. 

Continue reading to learn more about the cult led by the young Mexican godfather, Adolfo Constanzo. 

  • Spring Breaker Mark Kilroy Was Kidnapped And Murdered So The Cult Could Boil His Brain For A Ritual

    21-year-old Mark Kilroy was a senior pre-med student at the University of Texas at Austin. In March of 1989, Kilroy and some friends traveled to Mexico for spring break. After leaving a nightclub in Matamoros, Kilroy was stopped by some local men who were posing as police officers. The men told Kilroy he was under arrest for public intoxication. The men were part of Constanzo's cult who was in search of a victim (reportedly a well-educated one) so they could use his brain in a sacrificial ritual. They stuffed him in a truck and although Kilroy managed to escape from at one point, he was quickly captured again at gun point by additional cult members who were trailing the truck. Once Kilroy arrived at the ranch, he was tortured and sexually assaulted for hours. Then Constanzo used a machete to cut off the top of Kilroy’s head and remove his brain, which was later placed in a cauldron and boiled during a violent ritual ceremony.

  • 15 Mutilated Corpses, Including Kilroy's, Were Dug Up On A Ranch Where Constanzo Held His Magic Rituals

    Bodies on the cult's ranch were discovered unintentionally. Three weeks after the disappearance of Mark Kilroy, Mexican police saw drugs were being moved from the location and they got a search warrant in hopes of busting a massive smuggling operation. While they did find at least 250 pounds of marijuana on the ranch, they also uncovered a gruesome graveyard. Police initially found 12 bodies buried bodies in shallow graves, including that of the missing American college student, Mark Kilroy. Many of the victims were missing body parts, such as ears, fingers, eyes, and even hearts. One man was completely decapitated. Authorities learned the missing body parts were used during black magic rituals by Constanzo and his followers. The police went back to the property two days later and discovered three additional bodies. In the shack on the property, police found a cauldron containing Kilgore's burned brain, along with a roasted turtle. They also found human hair and blood, as well as a bloody machete and hammer. 

    Costanzo escaped and was not on the property when the raid happened, but police traced him for two weeks and eventually trapped him in an apartment in Mexico City.

  • El Padrino Used An Actual Cauldron For His Witchcraft

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  • He Found That Animal Bones Weren't Strong Enough For His Magic, So He Started Using Human Bones

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    As a teen, Constanzo began spending more time with a Haitian priest who was teaching him ways to obtain power. One of the main ingredients in many spells is bones. While Constanzo's mother brought him up using animal bones in ceremonies, he discovered human bones were stronger in his magic rituals. Constanzo began sneaking into local cemeteries throughout Miami and grave robbing. He continued this practice once he moved to Mexico, but it wasn’t long before he skipped the cemeteries and obtained bones in his own gruesome way. It was also reported that when the police first busted the cult ranch, several cult members were wearing jewelry or accessories made with human bones