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Songs With Supposed Backwards Satanic Messages

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It's a recording trick known as backmasking, whereby words and phrases are reversed and inserted into songs, so that when played backwards the secret messages with hidden meanings can be heard. Backmasking was "exposed" by right-wing Christian groups in the '60s, '70s, and '80s as an attempt by major recording artists to convert unwitting people to the Devil, insisting that the reversed lyrics seeped into a person's subconscious and altered their minds (also known as subliminal messaging, which doesn't at all work like that).

Here are notable examples of music with backwards lyrics, most of which are purely imagined, though some are real and intentionally inserted into the songs.

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    Deicide - "Satan Spawn, the Caco-Daemon"

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    Floridian death metal heretics Deicide love them some Satan, and, given the band's name, attacking organized religion (Christianity in particular) at every available opportunity. The beginning of "Satan Spawn, the Caco-Daemon", from the band's second album, Legion, opens with a reversed utterance of the song's pro-666 chorus, "Satan spawn, cacodaemon, cacodaemon, cacodaemon, satan spawn, cacodaemon, cacodaemon, cacodaemon," accompanied by the braying of an aggrivated sheep. 

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    Cradle of Filth - "Dinner at Deviant's Palace"

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    This song contains "The Lord's Prayer" in reverse (meaning, if you play the song in backwards, you will hear a voice reciting the prayer. This isn't so much a hidden Satanic message as a direct one: reciting "The Lord's Prayer" backwards is apparently a custom in some Satanic rituals.

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    Tiger Army - "Towards Destiny"

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    LA-based psychobilly trio Tiger Army had some fun taking the piss out of the prevalence of supposed Satanic backmasking with "Towards Destiny," the second track on the band's second album, Tiger Army II: Power of Moonlite. The track contains the backwards message

    "Tiger Army never die 
    Tiger Army never die 
    Tiger Army never die 
    As the last tiger dies the ghost tigers rise 
    Heed the call of the werecat Transylvania 
    We fight on the side of fate 
    Toward destiny, we ascend to it forever 
    Hail Satan"

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    Ash - "Evil Eye"

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    Another intentionally-inserted secret message, and possibly the crudest on the list: "She's giving me the evil eye. Suck Satan's cock." There isn't a decent video of this one online, but the phrase appears at the beginning of the song, so seek it out and reverse it if you're curious.

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