Surprisingly Wholesome Acts Of Charity By Satanists All Over The World

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The Satanic Temple is an organization that often draws a quick and visceral response from many people, who see its association with Satan as representing an inherent evil. The reputation, however, is not wholly earned, and local chapters of The Satanic Temple across globe consistently participate in charitable work and community outreach.

From collection donations of food and clothing for homeless and underprivileged peoples to joining the fight against domestic violence and child abuse, The Satanic Temple has lent its name and energies to a wide array of positive causes that can use all the support they can get, no matter its origin. So check out these awesome charities that Satanists around the globe are making part of their mission to support.

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    Collections For Victims Of Domestic Violence

    Among other programs, The Satanic Temple - Austin Chapter helps collect donations for SAFE (Stop Abuse for Everyone), an organization that provides assistance and services to victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse and children facing abuse.

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    Infant Supplies Collection For Struggling Families

    In 2019, The Satanic Temple - Minnesota Chapter started the Diapers for the Lil' Devils drive to collect diapers and other infant supplies for struggling families, stating on their Facebook page, "No parent should feel like they can't support their child, and no child should have to go without."

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    Menstrual Product Drives Across The Country

    The "Menstruatin' with Satan" program is a popular, widespread initiative with Satanic Temple chapters across the US, seeking to provide access to menstruation products, including tampons and sanitary pads, to poor and underprivileged people in their communities. Chapters in Florida, Texas, Arizona, Massachussets and others have all participated.

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    Business Attire Collections For The Underprivileged

    The Satanic Temple - Arizona Chapter began the Lord of the Ties initiative in 2019 to help provide resources, including business attire for interviews, job fair information, and resume-building websites, for people struggling to get out of poverty.

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    Winter Clothing Drive For People In Need

    The Satanic Temple - Boston Chapter held in 2017 the Warmer Than Hell clothing drive, drawing donations of nearly 200 coats, jackets, and sweatshirts for people in need during the harsh New England winter. The campaign also raised more than $900. 

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    Santa Cruz Beach Cleanup

    In 2018, the Satanic Temple of Santa Cruz adopted Seabright State Beach in Santa Cruz, Calif., as part of the Save Our Shores program, committing to keeping the beach litter free for a year through cleanup work and raising awareness.

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