The Weird Satanic Themes Most People Missed In The Matrix

The Wachowski's sci-fi masterpiece, The Matrix, was a groundbreaking film for its time. It introduced the general audience to the cyberpunk subgenre while also producing innovative new methods of shooting movies (i.e. bullet time). But did you know that The Matrix is also a commentary on many different religious and philosophical movements, from Christianity to Buddhism and especially Gnosticism?

There is even evidence The Matrix is Satanic. That's right, if you break down elements of the story and the world, you can find Satanic themes in The Matrix, whether it be through the trilogy's connection to Gnosticism or its commentary on free will, which is one of the main tenets that The Satanic Temple sect of Satanism upholds.

If you dig deep, you might even find that Neo is closer to Anti-Christ than a holy messiah. After all, his rejection of God is displayed throughout the saga. We've broken down The Matrix and found several connections between the trilogy and Satanic teachings; read on to see just how subversive The Matrix really was.