19 Ways the Church of Satan Is Similar to Christianity

Thanks to film, television, and media frenzies, Satanism tends to get a bad rap, and it can be hard to separate fiction from reality with so much misinformation swirling around. But for all of the cloak and dagger, the similarities between Christianity and Satanism are numerous. Some of the Satanism Christianity similarities are kind of obvious: the devil and the use of symbolism come to mind. But there are more than two ways Christianity and Church of Satan are the same. On this list, we’ll explore how the two very different religions have quite a bit in common, and see if they have any crossover.

On the surface, it may not seem like there are Christianity and Satanism shared beliefs, but at the core of each religion, there’s a morality that drives its followers to be good people. This seed of an idea has blossomed multiple similarities between the otherwise disparate religions. From their thoughts on drugs, to the growing up in a religious household the ways that the Church of Satan is similar to the Christian faith are going to blow your mind.

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  • It's All About the Money

    It's All About the Money
    Photo: Derek Smootz / Public Domain

    Regardless of what either of the two religions preach, money plays a large role in both Satanism and Christianity. It costs $200 to join the Church of Satan (plus the cost of your copy of The Satanic Bible), and though that seems steep. most Christian churches ask that you tithe 10% of your weekly earnings. Not that you don't get anything in exchange for the cash - sermons, a place to worship (assuming you live near a Church of Satan Grotto), and a community of like minded people, for instance. 

  • Drugs Are Bad

    Drugs Are Bad
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    One of the things that both the Church of Satan and Christian churches agree on is the condemnation of drug use. Although they have different ways of going about it. The Church of Satan says you shouldn't do something that's illegal because it's dumb, while the Christian faith is a little more flamboyant in their takedown of illegal substances; Pope John Paul II  went so far as to call drug dealers "merchants of death." Sounds like the Vatican should host its own Player Haters Ball. 

  • Christmas Is a Big Deal

    Christmas Is a Big Deal
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    It turns out that no matter what religion you subscribe to, everyone loves Christmas. Santa Claus was probably stolen from various pagan religions and turned into a cheery children's character, so Satanists celebrate Christmas to honor pagan traditions. Also, you know, Santa is an anagram of Satan. 

  • They Offer a Place to Gather

    They Offer a Place to Gather
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    One of the most confusing aspects of the Church of Satan is that their places of worship are known as grottos, not churches of temples (the Satanic Temple is a political and religious group not affiliated with the Church of Satan). More confusing still, Grotto seems to have two meanings, that of a physical space where Satanists gather, and a group of Satanists who live near one another and create a community. So, a Grotto can gather in a Grotto; it is both church and congregation.

    Still, regardless of how you slice it, both Christianity and Satanism offer members access to a like minded community and a place to gather and perform religious services. 

  • There Are Annoying Hipsters in Both Religions

    There Are Annoying Hipsters in Both Religions
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    To be fair, most people with religious inclinations are totally fine and keep their belief in Jesus, Satan, The Prophet, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, etc. to themselves.. But that doesn't mean Satanism and Christianity don't both have annoying hipster pastors who do things like baptize Justin Bieber in a basketball player's bathtub (a Christian thing) or wax their mustaches while working as a graphic designer (a Satanist thing).  

  • They Share a Golden Rule

    They Share a Golden Rule
    Photo: Derek Smootz / Public Domain

    When it comes down to it, both Christianity and the Church of Satan are based on the idea of not being a dick to anyone and of taking care of yourself. Christianity has Matthew 7:12, "So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets." And the Church of Satan has the fourth Satanic Statement, "Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted on ingrates!"