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Interesting Facts About Occult And Satanist Sex Lives And Beliefs

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If you were to judge sex in Satanism based on film, television, and '80s hair metal, you’d probably come to the conclusion that the sex lives of Satanists are full of virgin sacrifices, dead goats, and spandex. But when you begin to investigate the true world of sex in Satanist religion, and closely associated occult belief systems and organizations, you find a set of doctrines based around being groovy, and getting weird while trying not to impose on anyone. If you’re interested in learning more about the Satanic religion, or just feel like rubbernecking, check out this collection of Satanism sex beliefs.

Compared to rumored covens of the 17th century, and the supposed satanic groups that followed, the Church of Satan is a highly respectable organization. Despite this, the church’s members are still occasionally demonized by the public. Throughout the '80s, and into the '90s, sex and the Church of Satan was a hot-button issue, thanks to a series of Satanic Ritual Abuse scandals that rocked America (which, in reality, had nothing to do with Satanism).

This list explores centuries-old occult beliefs on sexuality, and the modern Church of Satan's views on things like homosexuality and marriage. Get out your pitchforks, turn up the heat, and check out these facts about the sex lives of Satanists.

  • Sex Is Sex: Nothing More, Nothing Less


    When you first open The Satanic Bible, you're presented with an emphatic refutation of the Christian Bible. This series of Satanic laws, known as The Book of Satan, sets out the philosophical foundation of Satanism, while talking time to rag on Christianity. 

    The fifth rule of the third section of The Book of Satan states: "Is not 'lust and carnal desire' a more truthful term to describe 'love' when applied to the continuance of the race? Is not the 'love' of the fawning scriptures simply a euphemism for sexual activity, or was the 'great teacher' a glorifier of eunuchs?" 

    Old religions, as per LaVey, are corny folk beliefs disguising the necessity for breeding as a powerful emotion. Why not just get over that and get it on? Adherents to the Church of Satan basically perscribe to an existentialist belief system - humans are animals, the world is what it is, and nothing else. Which means, regarding intimacy, that if you wanna do it, do it. From the onset, all bets are off. 


  • You Don't Have To Participate In Group Activities

    If you asked most people about what they think happens at a Satanic Mass, the first thing that would pop out of their mouths would probably be "sacrifice" or "orgy." But, according to page 36 of The Satanic Bible, "It is often assumed that sexual activity is the most important factor of the Satanic religion, and that willingness to participate in sex-orgies is a prerequisite for becoming a Satanist. Nothing could be farther from the truth!"     

  • Sexual Freedom Is Up To The Individual

    In the 60s, when LaVey was writing The Satanic Bible, fans of BDSM and other kinky practices were politely referred to as members of a "sexual freedom organization," and a lot of those people were interested in Satanism. It was groovy, they were groovy - it made sense. But you didn't have to be into whips and chains to be a Satanist, and Lavey wanted everyone to feel comfortable

    "Unless sexual activity can be expressed on an individual basis (which includes personal fetishes), there is absolutely no purpose in belonging to a sexual freedom organization."

  • Satanists Are Cool With Isms

    When Anton LaVey began piecing together the Church of Satan, one of his main intents was to provide a place for social outcasts to gather and not feel judged by a bunch of squares. 

    "Satanism condones any type of sexual activity which properly satisfies your individual desires - be it heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or even asexual, if you choose. Satanism also sanctions any fetish or deviation which will enhance your sex-life, so long as it involves no one who does not wish to be involved," LaVey wrote.

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