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Interesting Facts About Occult And Satanist Sex Lives And Beliefs

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If you were to judge sex in Satanism based on film, television, and '80s hair metal, you’d probably come to the conclusion that the sex lives of Satanists are full of virgin sacrifices, dead goats, and spandex. But when you begin to investigate the true world of sex in Satanist religion, and closely associated occult belief systems and organizations, you find a set of doctrines based around being groovy, and getting weird while trying not to impose on anyone. If you’re interested in learning more about the Satanic religion, or just feel like rubbernecking, check out this collection of Satanism sex beliefs.

Compared to rumored covens of the 17th century, and the supposed satanic groups that followed, the Church of Satan is a highly respectable organization. Despite this, the church’s members are still occasionally demonized by the public. Throughout the '80s, and into the '90s, sex and the Church of Satan was a hot-button issue, thanks to a series of Satanic Ritual Abuse scandals that rocked America (which, in reality, had nothing to do with Satanism).

This list explores centuries-old occult beliefs on sexuality, and the modern Church of Satan's views on things like homosexuality and marriage. Get out your pitchforks, turn up the heat, and check out these facts about the sex lives of Satanists.

  • The Church Of Satan Strictly Prohibits Certain Acts


    Almost as if he were anticipating the backlash that would hit the Church of Satan in the '80s and '90s, LaVey explicitly stated in The Satanic Bible that Satanists are only supposed to have sex with people who want to have sex with them

    "If you attempt to impose your sexual desires upon others who do not welcome your advances, you are infringing upon their sexual freedom. Therefore, Satanism does not advocate rape, child molesting, sexual defilement of animals, or any other form of sexual activity which entails the participation of those who are unwilling or whose innocence or naïveté would allow them to be intimidated or misguided into doing something against their wishes."

    Despite this overt call for gaining consent, the Satanic Church would become the scapegoat for sex scandals involving children and sex workers time and time again. 


  • Weddings Aren't Always Easy

    When you find that special someone and you want to put a ring on it, expectations for the perfect wedding induce a lot of stress. The is especially true for Satanists. Problem number one, you might not be able to find a Satanic priest willing to travel to your area, and even if you do, there's a chance your county won't honor the ceremony, on account of laws governing who can or can't sanctify the union. 

    The Church of Satan suggests making sure you're good and legal before piecing together your dream ceremony. "If a couple wants to perform a marriage ceremony that has no legal ramifications, they can do whatever they like, but they must know that this wedding will not be recognized by their state/nation of residence." 

  • Orgasms Are Akin To Godliness

    Before LaVey created the Church of Satan, different branches of the occult offered different paths to enlightenment. Pretty much every version of these practices, be they black magic or psuedo-Satanist, is based on getting bare and weird, because sex is seen as a way to spiritually charge yourself. According to Paschal Beverly Randolph, the father of Western sex-magick and a heavy influence on Aleister Crowley, who created the Satanism-adjacent religion Thelema, "true Sex-power is God-power." Basically, an intense orgasm elevates you to a higher plane of existence, and once there, you can theoretically do anything.

  • Anton LaVey Advocated For Self-Pleasure

    Since Satanism is a complete rejection of everything Christianity stands for, it makes sense the founder of the church, Anton LaVey, would give a two thumbs up to masturbation. Where Catholicism trades in the guilt that comes with not creating a child with your seed, LaVey says you should do whatever you want to do with your genitals, whether or not you're trying to make a baby.

    Page 38 of The Satanic Bible reads, "Satanically speaking, though, it is far better to engage in a perfect fantasy than to cooperate in an unrewarding experience with another person. With masturbation, you are incomplete control of the situation."