Graveyard Shift

Actual Satanists Reveal The Biggest Misconceptions Everyone Has About Their Religion

Satanists get a bad rap. Common misconceptions people have about Satanism dredge up images of animal sacrifice, devil worship, gruesome satanic rituals, blood, evil, murder... you get the picture.  Interestingly enough, Satanists don’t actually worship the devil or sacrifice cute baby animals. Instead, they promote responsibility for one’s self, are against murder/killing unless it’s in self-defense, and encourage folks to live their lives as they see fit. These accounts of the common misconceptions people have about about Satanism will explain the true tenets of the movement. These true stories told by Satanists reveal the truth about their practice, the different schools of thought, and the beginnings of the religion. 

  • Do What Makes You Happy, But Don't Be Rude

    From user:  domestic_omnom

    “I was a Satanist/Luciferian of the rare theistic variety for over 15 years.

    In Satanism you have the philosophical kind (Lavey, Church of Satan), who really just follow a life philosophy that can be summed up by "do what makes you happy, but don't be a d*ck."

    In the theistic kind, you have the ones that worship Satan/Lucifer as a being of knowledge and beauty. If you read the stories of the old testament, god is a bit of a tyrant. See the book of Job for more information. The devil's only crime is letting humanity know they have a choice, that they can think for themselves. Yes, you can eat of the tree of knowledge.

    As far as being "dark," no, it's not. Yeah most practice some form of ritual/magic/witchcraft whatever you want to call it. But ultimately, it’s about living life to the fullest.”

  • Satanism Was Created To Point Out The Flaws In The Church

    From user: notsostandardtoaster

    I'm somewhat of a LaVey satanist, but I usually don't identify as any religion simply because I'm too lazy to keep up with any rituals/traditions.

    I'd say the biggest misconception about satanism is that it involves worshipping a deity. It is (for the most part) atheistic, and Satan represents the part of yourself that you find strength in. Of course, there are a few satanists who really do believe in a higher being, but for the most part people usually don't.

    Another thing that you might not know about satanism is that it was created as a response to Christianity. It's basically a more hardcore/serious version of Pastafarianism. You can see that their 11 rules are like upgraded versions of the 10 commandments. A lot of the religion was made by one-upping Christianity, and yes, it seems really childish. But at the end of the day, satanism was created to point out the flaws in the Church, and that's going to seem childish no matter how you put it.”

  • Satan Doesn't Harm The Innocent, God Does

    From user: TheLolomancer

    As an atheist who has read the bible cover-to-cover, if I was ever confronted with concrete evidence that everything in the Bible was true, I would, without hesitation, pledge myself to Satan over God.

    God is jealous, vindictive, petty, and violent. Satan does not once harm an innocent, while God harms thousands in what one can only assume is collateral damage in pursuit of his "greater good." Lucifer's fall itself arose out of the fact that he questioned God's methods, which God brands as "prideful," and kicks him to the dirt. As the serpent in the Garden of Eden, he is once again an advocate of doubt and awareness, since an eternity of utopic, brainwashed slavery is still slavery. Even his name, Lucifer, means "bringer of Light," so it's pretty clear he's the one enlightening Adam & Eve with knowledge, and through that, the capacity to choose and experience freedom.

    From my reading of the Bible, Satan seems like the good guy, and between him and God, the only one of the two worthy of adoration."

  • There Are Successful and Unsuccessful Satanists

    From user: GOODahl

    "I know a very successful LaVeyan Satanist (healthy family, lots of friends, makes over $100K a year, beautiful house.) I've also met "Satanists" who are living in mom's basement, are chronically unemployed, and saddled with constant drama due to self- directed f*cking up (arrests, addiction issues, trying to steal sh*t when they haven't realize they are going to get caught easily.)

    My point in sharing this is - some people gravitate towards Satanism b/c of the "self-worship" aspect... however if your Self is sh*tty, has no self-control, is lazy and stupid... your life will be a testament to all your faults & NOT your potential as a glorious human animal.

    Just saying. I HATE HATE HATE seeing un-successful Satanists. It's not that hard to be a successful Satanist if you are intelligent...

    (btw I am a Satanist.)"