Satellite Images Of The Most Dangerous Roads And Highways In The World

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There are a lot of dangerous roads and highways in the world. Some are fraught with potholes, susceptible to landslides, or simply in remote areas where travel is less than ideal. Others are so busy that it takes a brave soul to even attempt to navigate the peril. As a result, there are numerous "Death Roads" that exist - paths that earn the nickname due to the number of fatal accidents that happen each year.  

The most dangerous highways in the world offer a strange appeal. Thrill-seekers might want to drive one of these highways to test their adrenaline threshold, while tourists often find themselves on these roads because they offer some of the most glorious scenic views possible. Locals, on the other hand, may have no choice but to brave the most treacherous roads in the world on a daily basis.

Luckily, satellite imagery offers a look at some of the most perilous roads and highways worldwide - as well as potential ways to avoid them. Take a look at these dangerous roadways and vote up the ones that definitely make you look for an alternate route.

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    Highway 101 (AKA The 'Highway Of Death') - Mexico

    It's not the terrain of Highway 101 in Mexico that makes it dangerous - it's the criminal activity. With bandits, gun and drug transporters, and members of crime syndicates traversing the "Highway of Death," Highway 101 has a spooky, foreboding feel that puts drivers on edge.

    After being kidnapped in 2016, a truck driver named "El Flaco" explained, "Roads are getting more and more dangerous, you try not to stop... I’ve gotten into the habit of looking in the mirror, checking car number plates, looking at who’s gone past me. I look at everything."

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    Zojila Pass - India 

    Zojila, which means "mountain pass of blizzards," is located nearly 12,000 feet above sea level, high within the Himalayas. Because the road is often closed during the winter due to heavy snow fall, India has embarked on building a tunnel through the area.  

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    Karakorum Highway - Pakistan To China

    Karakorum Highway runs between the Punjab region of Pakistan and western China, covering just over 800 miles along the way. Much of the road is narrow, bordering along steep slopes into the mountainous valleys through which it passes.

    Landslides, falling rocks, and flooding are all risks, with one portion of the road earning a reputation as "a museum of geohazards." 

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    Kabul-Jalalabad Highway - Afghanistan

    The highway that crosses the roughly 70 miles between Kabul and Jalalabad in Afghanistan is actually longer than that distance - due to the mountains and gorges in the region. While the scenery along the highway is considered "breathtaking," residents in the area have stopped keeping track of the fatalities on the road because the numbers are so high.

    Mohammad Nabi, a vendor who sells fish along the Kabul-Jalalabad commented, "I sit here and watch people crash all day long."

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    Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road - Greece

    While the road between Patiopoulo and Perdikaki in Greece is paved, disrepair has resulted in treacherous conditions. Potholes accompany a lack of guard rails and no signage on the twisty, turn-heavy highway. 

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    Yungas Road - Bolivia

    Yungas Road in Bolivia runs for nearly 45 miles, all of which are fraught with danger. Called "Death Road," it has numerous tight turns, runs along cliffs, and links La Paz to the Amazon rainforest. 

    In addition to the tricky features - and narrowness - of the road itself, fog and landslides hinder visibility and safe passage. 

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