Who Will Be Back For 'Saturday Night Live' Next Season?

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Vote up the 'SNL' performers you hope stick around for the 48th season and vote down the cast members you'd rather not see return to Studio 8H.

Who will be back for the 2022-2023 season of Saturday Night Live? Who really knows? Maybe Lorne Michaels knows, but if he does, he's keeping the SNL cast for season 48 to himself. For fun, let's pretend that the man behind SNL is reading this list to decide who will return to the endless TV show when the next season kicks off. 

It's going to be tough to fill the shoes of Kate McKinnon, one of the funniest Saturday Night Live cast members of all time. Established sluggers like Pete Davidson and Aidy Bryant both said farewell to the series in 2022 too. So get down to brass tacks and vote with your heart: who do you hope will be back on NBC every Saturday evening and who do you hope moves on to other things? Do you want to see Kenan Thompson's seemingly unbeatable record as the longest-serving cast member continue? What about fellow established powerhouses like Heidi Gardner and Melissa Villaseñor?