funny 30 Days That Were Almost Completely Ruined  

Robert Wabash
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List Rules Who had the closest encounters to disaster? It's up to you to decide.

This is a list of people who have missed accidents and tragedies by the skin of their teeth. These lucky sons-of-breeches are only walking around today because of sheer dumb luck (and quick feet). We have collected the very best GIFs of near misses and close calls, some are breath taking and others, cringing. You won't know whether to sigh in relief or facepalm at these idiots' decisions!

Whether's it's standing in the middle of a high speed truck race or deep sea scuba diving with hungry sharks, these GIFs show some of the best near-FAILs we have ever seen. If you see a GIF where you want to give the guy a pat on the back, give it a thumbs up. But if you see something that you think you could do yourself, go ahead and give it a thumbs down. Don't worry – we totally won't judge you.
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That would have made her day rotten!

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Now that's what I call security!

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Backflips save lives!

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At least it wasn't an anvil