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Saved By The Bell Is Actually All A Dream And The Opening Theme Song's Lyrics Prove It

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Zachary "Zack" Morris from Saved by the Bell enjoyed a blissful high school existence with no consequences, filled with hare-brained schemes, adoring friends, and fun-filled trips to Hawaii and Vegas. Doesn't that sound like a dream? Like it's too good to be true? Well, what if it was a dream? A popular fan theory posits that all the Saved by the Bell episodes may have been the daydreams of Zack Morris. 

That's right - in the words of Nelly, "It was all a dream." How else can you explain Zack's consequence-free scholastic career? His unparalleled intelligence? The characters that disappear without mention? Saved by the Bell never happened! It's actually the dream of a young Zack Morris who is unhappy with his school and home life. Each night, he retreats to an alternative high school where he's perfect. Don't believe it? Check out the evidence below that may change your mind. 

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    A Closer Look At Saved By The Bell's Opening Lyrics

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    The rest of Saved by the Bell's theme song doesn't match Zack's life at Bayside, either. In fact, as the lyrics keep going, it looks more and more like a Good Morning, Miss Bliss description: "If the teacher pops a test, I know I'm in a mess, and my dog ate all my homework last night." These lyrics sound like the farthest thing from Zack's day-to-day school life at Bayside. Zack would never take a test if he didn't have to - he'd put Screech in a blonde wig and make him take it for him while he sold fake stocks to students in the hallway outside. As Cracked puts it: 

    "As a summary of the show, the theme song makes no sense. Zack has never had a bad day at Bayside in his life. He's never in a mess. Everything bounces off of him. If he's unprepared for a test, he doesn't ride low in his chair like some depressed teenager; he gets the teacher to turn the test into a bake-off, and then wins the bake-off by cheating."

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    Zack Can Stop Time

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    Perhaps the biggest clue that Saved by the Bell is Zack Morris's lucid dream is perhaps Zack's baffling ability to stop time. Giving a character the superpower of being able to manipulate the space-time continuum is straight up science-fiction, or the stuff that dreams are made of... 

    Zack is able to stop time by shaping his hands into a T shape and shouting, "Time out!" By invoking his magical phrase, everyone around him is frozen and he can adjust them into whatever position he feels like. He can even break the fourth wall and start talking to the audience.  

    As the show went on, the use of his time stopping powers decreased. Why, though? Why wouldn't a scheming opportunist like Zack use this power for his own gain? Well, maybe Zack stopped being aware of the fact that he was in a dream world. Maybe he was sucked deeper into the Saved by the Bell narrative and decided to accept it as his new reality. 

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    Tiffani Thiessen, The Actress Who Plays Kelly Kapowski, Thinks This Theory Could Be True

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    The actress behind Zack's love interest, Tiffani Thiessen, told the Huffington Post, “I actually think it’s a pretty good theory the more that I think about it. I think it’s pretty funny. The fact that he can stop time. That really kind of sells it for me, I have to say. I think that’s a good theory.” 

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    How Did Screech Build A Sentient Robot With '90s Technology?

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    Saved by the Bell was full of giant, clunky mobile phones that were fairly accurate for the time period. Most of the technology was very '90s appropriate, apart from the astoundingly advanced technology Screech was creating. Resident repulsive nerd and sidekick Screech had somehow created a sentient robot. He made artificial intelligence! Now that’s the stuff of pure fantasy.