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Saved By The Bell Is Actually All A Dream And The Opening Theme Song's Lyrics Prove It

Zachary "Zack" Morris from Saved by the Bell enjoyed a blissful high school existence with no consequences, filled with hare-brained schemes, adoring friends, and fun-filled trips to Hawaii and Vegas. Doesn't that sound like a dream? Like it's too good to be true? Well, what if it was a dream? A popular fan theory posits that all the Saved by the Bell episodes may have been the daydreams of Zack Morris. 

That's right - in the words of Nelly, "It was all a dream." How else can you explain Zack's consequence-free scholastic career? His unparalleled intelligence? The characters that disappear without mention? Saved by the Bell never happened! It's actually the dream of a young Zack Morris who is unhappy with his school and home life. Each night, he retreats to an alternative high school where he's perfect. Don't believe it? Check out the evidence below that may change your mind.