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24 Saved by the Bell Facts You Never Knew

List RulesTake a blast to the past and learn about interesting facts you never knew about Saved By the Bell.

Who knew Saved by the Bell was going to become the iconic television show it is today? First airing back in 1989, the show still lives on in syndication 25 years later. While it went through many changes – from title name to cast of characters – somehow the final product resulted in a show that has lived on for a long, long time (thanks, TBS!). There are also other shows like Saved by the Bell that you can check out if you want something fresh to watch.

Everyone had their favorite Bayside High student. There was the charming Zack Morris, the high school jock, A.C. Slater, the girl-next-door that everyone was crushing on, Kelly Kapowski, the born leader, Jessie Spano, the nerdy awkward kid, Samuel "Screech" Powers, the trendy fashion princess, Lisa Turtle, and of course, the esteemed Principal Belding. 

There's still so much to be schooled on when it comes to behind the scenes info about Saved by the Bell. Check out these bits of trivia that may come as a surprise (wait, Zack wasn't blonde?!), and vote on which BTS bits you think are the most interesting!

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    Slater was Originally Supposed to be Italian

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    Executive producer Peter Engel told thecomicscomic.com that A.C. Slater was supposed to originally be Italian. When they had a hard time finding the right actor for the role, he became Hispanic.
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    The Show is Still on TV

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    TBS has aired Saved by the Bell nonstop since 1992.
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    Zack and Screech Appeared in Every. Single. Episode.

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    Bromance for life. Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Dustin Diamond appeared in all 86 Saved by the Bell episodes.
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    Zack vs. Slater

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    Can you imagine Zack and Slater NOT being friends? Apparently, they were supposed to be arch enemies trying to win Kelly's heart, but the actors' chemistry was so strong that they ended up being written in as best friends.