Time Out - Could These 'Saved by the Bell' Fan Theories Really Be True?

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Vote up the 'Saved by the Bell' fan theories that just might somehow be true.

With a Saved By The Bell reboot in the works, fans are digging back into their favorite Bayside adventures. For folks of a certain age, the show, which ran from 1989 to 1993 and rocked after-school reruns for years afterward, was a staple. It provided insight, unrealistic as it may have been, into high school life and everything there is to look forward to. The sitcom was so popular that it spread into a whole franchise.

In hindsight, it is really odd that the show’s main protagonist, Zack Morris, could literally stop time, get away with absolutely anything, and never seemed to quite learn his lesson. In fact, all sorts of things about this show don’t make any sense. Why did the characters in the show’s precursor, Good Morning, Miss Bliss, all move from Indiana to California at the same time? Why is the principal so enmeshed in these kids' lives? Why do main characters disappear without any explanation?

Let’s explore fan theories which attempt to explain these unanswered questions about the series, and be sure to vote up the theories you think are most plausible.