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12 Small - But Accurate - Details From 'Saving Private Ryan'

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Praised for its accuracy and emotion-evoking realism, Saving Private Ryan offers a look at the horrors of WWII. In one of the earliest scenes of the movie, Saving Private Ryan takes its audience to the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944, recreating the D-Day invasion. The movie goes on to follow a group of Army Rangers on a mission to find one man amid the Allied Forces - Private James Ryan.

Led by Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks), Privates Richard Reiben (Ed Burns), Adrian Caparzo (Vin Diesel), Stanley Mellish (Adam Goldberg), and Daniel Jackson (Barry Pepper) accompany Medic Irwin Wade (Giovanni Ribisi), Corporal Timothy Upham (Jeremy Davies), and Sergeant Mike Horvath (Tom Sizemore) to find their man. Throughout their journey, men give of themselves to the task at hand. 

As the major events of Saving Private Ryan play out, it's easy to miss some of the more subtle details included in the film to heighten its sense of authenticity and honor those who served in WWII. Seemingly minute facts make Saving Private Ryan that much more of a cinematic feat, while subtly adding to the overall movie-watching experience. Here's a list of some of what you may or may not have missed. Which one of the Saving Private Ryan details do you think is the most important?