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Behind The Scenes Of The Infamous Needle Pit Scene From 'Saw II'

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The Saw franchise is known for its inventive traps and dangerous devices that provide some of the most WTF moments in horror film history, but there’s one trap that sticks out above all the others - the Saw II needle pit. It’s dirty, it’s gross, and oh yeah, it’s full of thousands of syringes.

In the film, former user Amanda is thrown into the pit, and she has to search through the syringes for a key. It’s like watching a nightmare, and it’s hard not to imagine yourself in her place, but behind the scenes, the needle pit was far less horrifying.

This isn’t to say that one of the most gruesome moments in the Saw franchise was a walk in the park - far from it - but according to the cast and crew, the set for Saw II was fairly relaxed. While actress Shawnee Smith had to dive into a pit of syringes and goop for an entire day, the real work was in constructing the needle-filled monstrosity. 

  • 30 Crew Members Had To Replace Over 120,000 Syringe Needles With Replicas

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  • The Pit Was Much Safer Than It Looked

  • The SFX Team Built An Entire Prosthetic Arm For The Needle Extraction Scene

  • The Finished Scene Elapses In Real Time

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