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24 'Saw' Memes Only Fans Of The Franchise Will Be Able To Figure Out

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WARNING: Possible spoilers ahead.

Saw quickly became a staple in the horror landscape after the incomparable success of the first entry in 2004, which still has fans talking about the ending. Multiple sequels and many years later, the franchise has grown to have a massive following with some of the most devoted fans of all time - fans who look for the smallest details and even have inside jokes that nobody other than a true Saw fan would understand. We've looked all over the internet to find some of the greatest memes that only real fans of the Saw franchise would be able to decipher. 

  • 1. The Classic Glass Coffin Trap

    Photo: @uncannynerf / Twitter
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  • 2. Can't Tell The Difference Boss

    Photo: u/Cruleonard / Reddit
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  • 3. Detective Lieutenant Carrying The Franchise On His Back

    Photo: u/LotionInBasket / Reddit
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  • 4. For All The Adam Fans Out There

    Photo: u/Deniz2323 / Reddit
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