15 People Tell Stories Of When They Scammed A Scammer

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The world is full of scams, but we don't have to fall victim to them. The feeling when you manage to scam the scammer is simply satisfying. The lucky ones that were smart enough to do it are sharing their stories of when grifters got grifted and they are hilarious. Maybe you can follow in their footsteps the next time the opportunity presents itself. Check them out and vote up the best ones.

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    Food Thieves Get Pranked

    From Redditor u/chokemesilly:

    I was a scholarship student at a pretty nice boarding school for my sophomore and junior years of high school. In my sophomore year, my dorm was split between sophomores and seniors. Just a big building with two-person bedrooms and shared bathrooms, living areas, and a single fridge/kitchen for forty 15-18-year-old girls. You weren't supposed to eat anything that had someone else's name on it, but the seniors constantly and blatantly stole food from the sophomores (especially scholarship kids) with zero repercussions. I ate an ice cream bar with a seniors' name on it once and got to spend my Saturday on a detention work crew.

    So during the seniors' finals week, my roommate and I whipped up a massive pan of brownies that was probably about 50% chocolate-flavored laxative. Triple wrapped the tray in foil with multiple signs saying "DO NOT EAT, FOR A CLASS PARTY" and our names. Left it in the kitchen for an hour and the entire thing was gone. Six of the senior girls missed final exams because they couldn't leave the bathroom and two ended up having to get IV fluids. But because they ate the whole damn tray they couldn't prove a thing. We just said the eggs must have been bad. Zero regrets.

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    The Hacker Got Hacked

    From Redditor u/PJMurphy:

    My favorite story along these lines is a fellow who was a white-hat hacker with an interest in the nastiest viruses you could imagine. He had them on an airlocked computer for testing purposes.

    He strung the caller along, pretending to be completely clueless about computers, all the while pay loading an incredible assortment of virulent software into a folder called "Banking Information". Finally, he plugs in his test machine and gives the scammer remote access.

    Of course, the first thing they did was download the "Banking Information" folder...I wonder what happened when they opened it.

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    A Grifter Took A Flight And Got Stuck With No Money

    From Redditor u/WallyPlumstead:

    I baited several of those nigerian email grifters.

    One of them had a partner in crime. The money they were expecting from me, I told them I deposited it in a bank that was so far from them, one of them had to take a plane to get there. Using photoshop, I forged up some phony papers to show them the paperwork which proved I deposited the money in the bank for them.

    This particular bank has had problems in the past with these grifters using their bank and/or bank reputation for their scams. So much so that on their website they had posted a warning against these tricks.

    I emailed the bank, warning them of the impending arrival of my "friend" the grifter. Giving the bank the name the guy would be using and when he would arrive. Then I waited.

    The grifters emailed me back. He wouldn't go into exact detail, but it sounded as if he escaped from that bank with his life. He also complained about how he was stranded with no money and had to contact his partner to wire him some money so that he could fly back home.

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    Fake "Donations" Turned Into Real Ones

    From Redditor u/Astramancer_:

    A troll on the live-streaming website Twitch.tv would give out huge amounts of money to streamers and then pull it back right near the end of PayPal's refund period. Paypal said "NOPE" and the dude was out $50,000.

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    Wasted Time For A Fake Check

    From Redditor u/pssychesun:

    I had the one where a guy tried to buy something I had on Craigslist, sent a check for a good bit over the asking amount (I forget the exact numbers but it was something like a check for $1500 for a $400 item). Said he was out of the country and asked if I could refund the difference through Western Union. I drug it out, kept making excuses. He then asked about sending the money to a cousin/his moving people (kept coming up with new people). I kept dragging it out, asking all sorts of questions, acting like I was concerned he wouldn't get the money. Of course, he was very impatient, kept emailing me "when can you send it?", "did you send it yet?" all the time he starts escalating the tone, threatening to turn me in for keeping his money which I kept promising him I was going to send it.

    See, had I deposited the check it would have taken a few days to even a couple of weeks to have the check show up as no good. By then I'd be out the difference. Finally, after so many desperate threats and emails, I told him I knew it was a scam all along and I even turned him into some FBI fraud thing and that he needs to stop now.

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    Homeowner Asking For Free Work Got Tricked Into Paying

    From Redditor u/mechaarchonix:

    Not me, I don't know how I'd do with scammers, but my dad has loaded.

    He used to be a home maintenance builder, pretty successful until he retired a few years ago. Back at the start of his career, he contracted for a job repairing the siding on a large house, repairing and decorating a few interior rooms, and insulating the loft, plus some sundry other stuff. Gets in a decorator for the job and makes a start.

    Things are going okay for the first week, but then the owner of the place starts to make a bit of a fuss about paying. He wants to cut the price or to have more work done without raising the price. Starts asking for things to be altered against the terms of the contract and keeps refusing to discuss when he'll actually pay for any of it. Dad quickly realizes that the guy is trying to get out of paying the full cost. He says he'll think about the changes the chap wants, but for now, they'll finish up the work they were in the middle of.

    The next Friday he takes his decorator mate down to a nearby supplies warehouse place, picks up a load of materials and carts them back to the house while the owner is out. He unloads them all into the garage, then gives the owner a call and asks him to come over. Shows him the pile of stuff.

    He says he'll agree to do the extra work, but he needs money to cover all the materials he's bought. The owner very reluctantly peels open his wallet and takes out a wad of cash to pay for the cost of the materials, which just happens to be about the same as the amount of money he owes for the work already done. With that over with, he goes back off to wherever his work is. Dad turns to the decorator and says "right, load it all up again before he gets back."

    First, he pays the decorator his share, pays the rest of the cash into the bank, then returns all the materials for a refund and finally goes home. On Monday he tells the owner that he's not going to do any more work for him and that he can find someone else to screw over.