12 Photos Of Famous Scammers Vs The Actors Who Played Them

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Vote up the actors that look so much like these famous fraudsters, it's hard to tell who's who.

From Fyre Festival to the Tinder Swindler, liars and scammers continue to fascinate the public with their schemes. While some of these scam stories can be baffling, we often can't help but wonder whether we would have been similarly bamboozled by these tricksters ourselves. Financial motives are often driving these cons, but with some of these people we're still not quite clear what they were after, or, perhaps more terrifying, if they merely committed these acts for the thrill of the swindle.

With many recent movies and television shows focused on these tales, famous names like Renée Zellweger and Amanda Seyfried have been cast to play the main part. Much like the scammers themselves, an actor's job is to pretend to be someone else, making some of these match-ups hard to tell the real deal from the fake. Vote up the trickiest casting that best hits the mark.