15 Scams Most People Don't Realize Are Scams

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I bet you didn't know... We are here to help open your eyes and make you aware of certain situations that can seem normal but they aren't. Are companies trying to take advantage of your good heart? Which scams do you find the most annoying? 

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    Hello, Google!

    From Redditor u/disgruntledcabdriver:

    College textbooks.

    It doesn't cost hundreds of dollars to print a book, and we don't need new editions of algebra and other basic subjects every semester... were not uncovering or developing any new basic math, they just want you to have to spend as much money as possible.

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    Fake Education

    From Redditor u/Mikeavelli:

    Some colleges will offer a full-ride scholarship to any student who stays above a certain GPA, give these out to everyone who applies, and then institute a strict grading curve so that the required GPA is nearly impossible to achieve. The "scholarship" usually only lasts through freshman year as a result.

    It's usually sh*tty for-profit colleges that do this, so the credits won't transfer. The student is now forced to either pay full-price tuition for three years or lose a year's worth of work.

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    Nobody's Fool

    From Redditor u/twec21:

    There are just too many answers. Work in banking for one week, you'll realize there is no [grift] too dumb for people to fall for.

    At least once a week we have people who try to file [fake] claims because "the IRS called me and told me I need to pay them in apple gift cards".

    My favorite was a woman who came in to get a $20,000 official check. My manager thought it was strange so he stopped to ask her what it was for. *The client said it was bail for her nephew, which * the client thought was strange too because she didn't actually have a nephew.

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    Based On True Events

    From Redditor u/int9r:

    Those fake sales where they jack up the price before the sale

    Try to check the price history if it's available.

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    The Other Way Around

    From Redditor u/InsomniacNimrod:

    If you have to pay to secure a job, it's a [trick].

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    Plastic Beach

    From Redditor u/Master_Ch3f:

    The most popular branded sunglasses out there are [wild] expensive for what is basically mass-produced plastic.

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