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Scandal Season 4 Death Pool

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*SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT!* This is a death pool list and if you don't see a character's name on the "Scandal" death pool list, they're probably already dead.

As you may already know, the season 4 premiere of "Scandal" revealed that a founding member of OPA was DOA, bringing Olivia back from the coast of Zanzibar to arrange the funeral. Shocking as this team member's death was, its off-screen nature paled in comparison to the carnage seen in previous seasons of "Scandal" begging the question: who (else) will die on "Scandal" this season? 

This is all very speculative at this time, but if you have a feeling there's a character on "Scandal" who's living on borrowed time, vote for them now in the "Scandal" death pool so you can go back later and tell your friends you called it right from the start.