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The Pansexual Adventures of Lord Byron, The Harry Styles of The 19th Century

Nobody from the 19th century partied harder than one of the best poets of the romantic era, Lord George Gordon Byron. But, exactly who was George Gordon Byron? His fame was so immense that women and men all over Europe threw themselves at him. He was the reigning king of brief, torrid affairs, and one-night stands. 

Byron was, without a doubt, a product of his times and upbringing, albeit on the extreme end of prevailing standards. For example, his father was a complete and dissolute cad, abandoning his son and wife very early on. His mother had a vile temper, and he was seduced and sexually abused by a nursemaid when he was a child. This doesn't excuse any of Byron's later behavior, but his early life experiences certainly contributed to his formation and understanding of relationships. After all, he'd been provided only examples of reckless romantic and sexual behavior. 

Lord Byron left a long trail of broken hearts (and venereal diseases - did he have syphilis?) in his wake. His personal life was as closely followed as his poetry, and George Gordon Byron's scandals were notorious and innumerable. There are many bizarre facts about Lord Byron, as he lived his life to the utmost and never held back. Read on for lots of sexy Lord Byron trivia!