Weird History

10 Crazy Political Scandals During Elections Throughout American History

Seems like a new election scandal steals headlines every day. From sexual misconduct to the misappropriations of funds, Benghazi, and foreign collusion, political scandals during American elections appear from the woodwork nearly every day during voting season, as competing megalithic candidates with money to burn spend all their bucks trying to sink their opponent's battleship. Despite the staggering number and gravity of scandals during the 2016 election cycle, political scandals during elections are hardly new.

Perhaps election scandals in US history are such a pervasive phenomenon because of the country's great experiment in electoral politics. Unlike other systems of governance, there's no telling who's going to win an American election, and easiest way to make sure you win is ensuring your opponent doesn't. So many American election scandals are predicated on torpedoing a candidate. What's easier to do, convince voters you're the best of several good options, of two good candidates, or the far lesser of evils? 

Read on to learn about US political scandals during elections. They've been happening for centuries, and some are so outlandish, it's hard to believe they really happened. 

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