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The Biggest Scandals From The Court Of Louis XIV

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The show Versailles includes no shortage of scandals, but the most shocking thing about it is many, if not most, of the salacious details it portrays about daily life in the court of Louis XIV are true. The Sun King led a sensuous and unorthodox life filled with mistresses, drama, and intrigue.

When it comes to the life of Louis XIV, the facts are almost stranger than fiction. From a baby of African descent being born at Versailles to a wild carriage race between the queen and the king's mistress, life for the French royals was never boring. And why should it have been? The court was filled with beautiful and ambitious women, and men who had won their place in history as war heroes. With so many beautiful and striving people in one place, things were bound to get scandalous under the reign of Louis XIV.

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