The Coolest Scar Tattoos

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Lucky are the few among us who have made it through more than about a few decades or so of life without picking up a scar or two along the way. Whether they linger as souvenirs from falls, fights, or even surgeries, scars can be a powerful reminder of the times that we managed to muster up the strength to flip our troubles the bird and carry on regardless. As cool as some scars can make us feel, there are always those other scars that just feel like unsightly reminders of a really bad day. It’s in defiance of these unfortunate blemishes, in fact, that we’ve assembled this collection of scar tattoo ideas for anyone out there looking to regain control of their body image.  

Whether you’re looking for something as simple as a tummy tuck scar tattoo or something a little bolder to cover up a lingering reminder of something like a large burn, you’ll find some awesome ideas to get your creative juices flowing below. We’ve got scar tattoos of all shapes and sizes that can either seamlessly blend with your blemish or straight-up cover it all together. At the end of the day, sometimes the best way to erase an unpleasant experience is to replace it with a whole new memory you’re guaranteed to love.

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